Your American Band ~BASED OUT OF DFW

The Michelle Johnson Band is Texas Original, with a southern accent. This blues rock singer/songwriter offers a variety of flavors in her music.  You will hear an eclectic blend of country rock, classic rock,hard rock, and heavy metal, described as an American Rock Band with a Southern flair. With 2 full length albums and a great live show, MJB is a must listening experience!

 Michelle Johnson Band's first release Blistered by the Sun, is an eight song blend rock genres such as country-rock, classic -rock and punk-rock, and has heartfelt youthful angst and lost lover's stories. Recorded at Last Beat Records in the art district "Deep Ellum" of Dallas, Tx.

Her sophomore release, Struck by Lightning, a more mature hard-rock album has a metal flavor sprinkled on top. MJB redceived recognition in the Dallas/ Forth Worth rock/metal scene and earned way to opening for many national acts such as Great White, Faster Pussy Cat, Beasto Blanco, ASKA, Cloven Hoof (from UK), The Mentors, Cowboy Mouth and other Pro shows in the premier  rock/metal venues around Texas.

Michelle Johnson Band was signed on Zodiak Records as a new artist in 2019 and is working independently on album 3 and performing with her guitar acoustically around Texas. 

Michelle's other projects include  "Blonde Sabbath" , a tribute to all the years of Black Sabbath and an artistic writing/recording project "JonTez" (Michelle Johnson and Al Cortez)

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